Massachusetts Marijuana Card

To Obtain your Massachusetts Marijuana Card follow the steps below:

Qualification for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Act requires a strict certification process.

While we must follow the Massachusetts law, we endeavor to make the medical marijuana application process as quick and easy as possible for our patients.

Following are the steps in the qualification process:

First Step

Medical Record Collection

Our physicians require documentation of one or more condition(s) on recent medical records. These conditions must meet the state’s medical marijuana authorization eligibility requirements. Before scheduling an appointment you should have a copy of your medical charts – you may choose to contact your physician directly and acquire them on your own.

*Please note: When requesting your medical records from your doctor you may tell them that we only need documentation of the condition pertaining to your eligibility, not your entire medical history.

Second Step


At your certification appointment, our physicians will talk with you about your qualification for certification of a medical condition that may qualify you for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program. By law, our physicians must only discuss your qualification for the program. After review and approval, qualified patients will receive a signed Physician Certification Form that will allow them to apply to the state for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

In order to receive the Physician Certification Form, patients must present a valid Massachusetts ID (such as a Massachusetts Photo ID or Massachusetts driver’s license) along with the physician visit fee.

Third Step

Application for Medical Marijuana ID

After you obtain the registration number from Boston South Shore Natural Therapies, it is necessary to then register online with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Registering on-line is the fastest and most convenient way to register to possess marijuana for medical purposes.

How to Register with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program: